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 Manchester Relishes a Growing Artistic Role | THE NEW YORK TIMES

"The trio creates salty work at the boundaries of theater and cabaret, often offering sly satire under a veil of sweetness."


 Home Truths and House Red: Why We Love Making Theatre in Manchester   THE GUARDIAN


     "It seems strange to us that there's a sort of novelty attached to making performance outside of London. An attitude of 'aw, bless the provinces'."

 Getting the Drinks in at the Fringe | MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS

"The whole concept of Eggs Collective flies in the face of passive enjoyment."



 'Humans as well as women': Figs In Wigs, Eggs Collective
and the 'All-Female' Labelling | A YOUNGER THEATRE


"More than ever, we've got something to push against."


 Eggs Collective's Top Late Night Love Songs | CPTHEATRE.COM


“I’ve never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight”.
“Aww, thanks Chris.”
“I’ve never seen you shine so bright”
“Aww, stop it, you. Come on now.”
“I’ve never seen that dress you’re wearing”
“Yeah you have, remember, I wore it to your brother’s wedding. It’s on all the pictures. Look, there’s one on the mantelpiece, framed” 




 Eggs Collective Get A Round Review | G SCENE

"The demented daughters of David Hoyle... A pitch perfect, Kafkaesque, feminist Dreamgirls."



 Eggs Collective Get A Round Review:
 Pink Heels, Cheap Plonk and a Wild Audience | THE GUARDIAN


"There’s a new wave of female-led companies who are exploring theatrical form, how we live now, and, in particular, what it’s like to be a young woman today – and they are doing it with a raucous, joyful abandon."



 Soho Theatre Meets Eggs Collective | SOHOTHEATRE.COM

 “Our work is often described as being particularly ‘Northern’ which is a thing we’re interested in and are trying to unpick.”

 Interview: Eggs Collective | LGBTQ ARTS AND CULTURE REVIEW


"We’re feeling worried and cross about the divide and conquer culture that we’re steeped in and we want to respond to that."


 A Chat About Eggs Collective Get A Round | WHAT'S ON STAGE


"Performance is a once in a lifetime event. It only exists in that space and time. It can fail. It is not afraid to."




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