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Queer As Yolk: Redux


 May 2016 


A collaboration with Richard Dedomenici. A passion project dedicated to things we adore: Manchester and Queer As Folk. 

Premiered to a sold out audience at HOME, Manchester and followed by a Queer As Folk themed buffet, including Donna's Burnt Ham, Nathan's Anaphylactic Nuts and Vince's Birthday Brie.

About The Redux Project: Since 2013 Richard Dedomenici's inexplicably popular Redux Project has caused a stir over fifty times, in places as diverse as London, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Seoul, Sydney, Beijing and Norwich. 


The project celebrates and subverts the cultural heritage of the places it visits, by attempting to make shot for shot remakes of scenes from famous films and TV, on a shoe string budget with amateur local crews, in the same locations where the originals were filmed.  

Commissioned by hÅb. Produced by Richard Dedomenici and presented by Word of Warning & HOME. Part of HOME’s 1st Birthday Weekend.


Images: Eggs Collective and Richard Dedomenici.


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