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Rory Kelly, Bethany Mountain, Stacie Til

 October 2018 





 “A heady mix of innovative stylings, humorous   interventions, musical interludes and moments   of pathos; it deftly uses the warm glow of the   small screen to illuminate thoughts on identity,   celebrity, finding yourself and feeling safe."

Circles and Stalls

"We look up at the same stars and see such different things... for a little while, you're more than just you."

Jon Snow, Game of Thrones

ARE YOU STILL WATCHING is a show about telly. About old classics and new favourites, catchphrases, theme tunes, and iconic moments. The continuity is all over the place, some of it is a repeat but the HD is really very good. ARE YOU STILL WATCHING is about identity and the static hiss between the thrill of escape and the comfort of familiarity. It's channel hop, a live-action Gogglebox, a glorious technicolour dreamshow that shoves high and low culture into a room together and invites us all to watch. Our eyes are square and we don’t care.

A collaboration with the third year Theatre & Performance students, as part of our role as guest lecturers at The Arden School of Theatre in Autumn 2018.  

Created and performed by Kellie Colbert, Bella Curtis, Georgia Dodd, Rory Kelly, Alexis Maxwell, Beth Mountain, Lauren O'Hara, Noah Ross, Kayleigh Rough, Daniel Sanders, Stacie Tilsley and Jessamine Vowles. 

Directed by Sara Cocker & Léonie Higgins for Eggs Collective. 


18th- 19th October 2018 at The Waterside Theatre, Manchester

13th - 14th April 2019 at NSDF, Curve Theatre, Leicester



Sound: Jonathan Critchley

Costume: Carol Wilson

Lighting: Matthew Mulligan

Stage Manager: Angela Wayland

Wayne Jackson and Debbie Newton at The Arden

Images: Belinda Grantham and Madeleine Steeves

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