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Get A Round | BBC2

Nominated for BEST COMEDY PROGRAMME at The Royal Television Society NW Awards

TV CRITICS' PICK in The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian, Radio Times, The i, The Sun (!), The National Scotland, The Sunday Times and The Observer


Get A Round is by turns, funny, touching and in-yer-face comedy laced with a hefty dose of compassion. The jokes come thick and fast as little by little the pub comes to life, inhibitions fall away and the Eggs Collective dream comes true. Riotously funny.

The Observer


This comedy performance casts a sober light on those “great” drunken ideals and offers an uninhibited look into the lives of young people who live for the weekend, but struggle to find their place. The energy is contagious.

The Times


Manchester’s Eggs Collective bring their Edinburgh fringe show to TV, with a mix of theatre, slapstick and spot-on observation about a night at the pub. The trio offer a barrage of one-liners covering essential topics such as drinking on antibiotics, substituting a large house white for a pint of Bailey’s and saving the world with one night out. If R&B-soundtracked fantasy sequences and cheesy puffs are your jam, dive right in.

The Guardian

Women Behaving Badly… Well, not so much badly as equally. Tonight, Eggs Collective are taking us on a “massive night out, because, let’s face it, the world needs one at the minute”, they say. And they have three golden rules for this epic night: If you’ve got the money, get a round; in for a penny, in for a pound; and it all comes out in the wash. Eggs Collective are Lowri Evans, Sara Cocker and Léonie Higgins, a comedy trio here doing their turn in a real Manchester pub, surrounded by pub-goers who become part of their night out.

The Sunday Times


Shameless comedy about friendship, belonging and big messy nights out… catch it while it’s hot.

The Pool​

Never loses sight of the fact that beneath the cheap booze and packets of crisps are true and vital friendships.

The National (Scotland)

We all deserve an epic night out when the world feels like its all about “borders and benefit caps” they say. So watch as they mount a bid to save the world and “get drunk enough to forget who Katie Hopkins is.

The Observer

Eggs Collective Get A Round | Edinburgh Fringe

& National tour 

★★★★ The Stage       

★★★★ Three Weeks     

★★★★ Fest   

Glittery, alcohol-fuelled gold... It is very funny, performed with wonderful physicality and sharp comic timing – the cast allows recognisable vulnerability and sweetness to emerge.

The Stage

Craftily structured, whipping the audience up into a frenzy.

The Guardian

A joyful reflection on the power of female friendship.

Time Out

Eggs Collective joyfully take us into their arms, then tenderly open their hearts to the 3am truths beyond face lacquer and consumerism... teary eyes glitter as much as the trio's gold mini dresses and generous smiles, and the love-filled show leaves us both shaken and stirred.

Fest Magazine

Seamlessly structured. 

Exeunt Magazine

Flies in the face of passive enjoyment. 

Manchester Evening News 

Fearless honesty... the three actors are utterly compelling.

Three Weeks

A pitch perfect Kafkaesque feminist Dreamgirls... Slipping a sharp boning knife of hope between our ribs into the space where our hearts used to be. 

G Scene 

A beautiful nightmare.

Fringe Guru 


On Eggs Collective

Salty work at the boundaries of theater and cabaret, often offering sly satire under a veil of sweetness.

The New York Times​

Three women with hyperactive imaginations.

The Observer

An aching sincerity that is simply hilarious.

Whats On Stage  


Dirty girls abusing hairspray.

Caitlin Moran


High spirits mixed with lethal honesty.

The Guardian


Just the right combination of guts and humility needed to create honest, unflinching and very funny theatre.

Exeunt Magazine

Beautifully crafted comedy storytelling...They deliver their usual well-crafted, sharp performance and it’s a treat to have them back.

The Reviews Hub

Euphoric, oddly affecting. 

Total Theatre

Their act is largely based on them not being quite sure what they’re doing. They know exactly what they’re doing. They are very funny, intelligent and delightful performers. 

The Reviews Hub

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