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During summer 2018, we spent a week in Stoke-on-Trent, tasked with making a radio show about BBC Radio Stoke for Hunt & Darton’s Radio Local. It was very hot and very meta, and things got very confused very quickly.


Despite our keenness to go Theroux with it, crossed wires delayed our infiltration of the Beeb and our planned investigation into the world of the wireless. We were forced hang around Stoke and wait for a story. Armed only with a borrowed recording device and a misplaced sense of journalistic dexterity, we set about trying to make an hour of radio anyway. 


Radio Activity is that hour. It contains waiting, hangovers and finally, thanks to a reporter called Phil, a story. 


Radio Activity is our first radio show. It was made during a week's residency in Stoke-on-Trent for Hunt & Darton's Radio Local project, in partnership with BBC Radio Stoke. Broadcast on 6 Towns Radio as part of Appetite Stoke's Big Feast in August 2018.. 



Recording Equipment: Sparklab

Edit: Mae-Li Evans 

With thanks to Mel Harris and all at BBC Radio Stoke, especially Phil

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