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Guest Waitering at Hunt & Darton Cafe


 March 2015



One of our favourite jobs ever, serving Hunt & Darton's famous roast dinner sandwiches at their infamous art cafe. Our special side order menu included your signature dance moves, Quorn Mini Scotch Eggs wrapped in foil at our Ambassador's Reception and a special performance for Manchester, The Piccalilli Approach.  


Performed in Manchester for SICK! Festival and at Edinburgh Fringe (that's where we met the dog).

Images: Eggs Collective


 "Guest waiters Eggs Collective are massaging us out of Unhappy Hour with a lairy tribute to Petula Clarke. ‘Wait wait wait!’ Sara is   animated. ‘How about instead of Downtown we do it as… Hunt and Dar-ton?’ The spontaneous result is euphoric, oddly affecting and 

 only improved by the car crash lack of consensus of on how practically to accommodate the first two syllables"  Total Theatre 

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