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 We wanna know what love is.  



A mini-break with a difference.

Eggs Collective want to write a power ballad for your town. Parking up at shopping precincts, boxing gyms, doctor's surgeries, rock concerts and day centres, Eggs Collective’s Caravan of Love invites passers-by to come in, lay their heart on the fold-away table and share their love stories. The tales collected are woven together to create a brand new power ballad, a unique portrait of a town, unveiled at the end of the week in a haze of billowing veils, candles and synthesisers.  

To talk to us about bringing Caravan of Love to a town or festival near you, email us

Developed by Eggs Collective with support from They Eat Culture, Halifax Square Chapel Centre for the Arts and public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England as part of the Eggs Collective Double Trouble Tour 2016.


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